What’s up with GMO labeling?… (good question)

Hey folks. We’ve been waiting since September for the comment period to begin for the federal “GMO labeling law” which was passed last July, and the date just kept getting pushed back… Now with the new administration in place, it’s uncertain when it might begin (see below). We’ll let you know as soon as it does!…

GMO labeling fans, Trump just slowed your roll

GMO LABELING FANS, TRUMP JUST SLOWED YOUR ROLL: President Donald Trump has offered federal agencies a regulatory 2-for-1 deal they can’t refuse — and it’ll come at a cost for some players in the food industry, Pro Ag’s Helena Bottemiller Evich reports. Trump’s latest executive order, signed Monday, cracks down on federal regulations under the guise of helping small business, requiring that two regulations be slashed for every new one that is undertaken.

 Here’s the upshot: While the full impact of Trump’s order is far from clear at this vantage point, regulations required by the GMO labeling bill are a prime example of how the White House action will likely serve as deep mud to the tractor tires of rulemaking.
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