Vote with your dollar

  • Boycott Companies keeping us in the DARK, Buy Organic Brands that Support our Right to Know!

You might be surprised to read the list of food companies who are spending millions to defeat grassroots GMO labeling initiatives. We have the power to starve them of our support by boycotting these traitor brands.

Read more: The Great Boycott: Monsanto and the GMA

Download the Buycott App for your smartphone, then join OCA’s new campaign, “Buy Organic Brands that Support Your Right to Know” so you can scan products and find out if they are owned by a “Traitor Brand” or member company of the GMA.

  • Avoid GMOs!

While labeling will make it easier for people to opt out of the GM food experiment, there are steps we can take now to send a message to food manufacturers and reclaim our food choices. If food manufacturers see a significant drop in GMO food sales, they will quickly make the switch over to non-GMO ingredients just like they’ve already done in so many other countries.

We have shared some tips and tools for avoiding GMO ingredients, here.

  • Encourage local businesses

Store-owners, restaurants and food co-ops need to know that you are looking for GMO free foods and want to see labels on Genetically Modified foods. Try talking to them about it.  Let us know what they say!

Work with your food co-op or local grocer to enlist their support for our right to know what we’re eating.  Take a look at the co-op action page:

The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) has put together some letters that you can customize and print out to give to your favorite restaurants, grocery stores and food co-ops.   Letter to Grocery Stores. (doc)  and Letter to Restaurants. (doc) IRT recommends giving them a “Health Risks” and “Non-GMO Shopping Guide” brochure as well.

NEW!  Use the GMO Free Massachusetts business directory!

Our friends at GMO Free Massachusetts have launched a new website to help consumers choose products and services that directly support local organic farmers and businesses in Massachusetts. Find links to useful articles and information about GMOs, access their comprehensive database of local organic businesses, stores, farms, co-ops and services, and find community events focused on education and awareness.