Educate Your Community

Educate your community: host a film screening and discussion

The MA Right to Know GMOs network includes several experienced speakers, as well as a media library to help you educate your community by organizing community film screenings and discussions. We have helped to organize dozens of these events across the state over the past two years. It’s a great way to meet other people from your area who want to work for food democracy! Email us at MAR2KGMOs[at] and we will help you make something happen.  No organizing experience is required!

Click here to see a list of upcoming events near you:

Other ways to engage your community: Write op-eds (as a group!), host “teach-ins”, organize “Pantry Parties” (help friends identify GM foods hidden in their pantry), engage local organizations, businesses, restaurants, distribute educational materials at events, and get others involved.

Here is our printed resources page, with PDFs of things you can print out!

Use our network to connect with other safe food advocates in your area.  We can also help you get a group going with action ideas and keep you updated on the state and national movements.  Email us at to get plugged in!


And for more action ideas, please visit the action page.