Smartphone Apps


There are a good number of quality smartphone apps that are designed to help you avoid GMO ingredients, pesticides, allergens, or to boycott Monsanto, Coca-Cola and the other chemical/junk food companies trying to keep you in the dark about what you’re eating.

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Organic Connections: 12 Apps to Help You Avoid GMOs and Pesticides While Shopping

Mass Right to Know GMOs favorites:

NxtNutrio ($4.99 for iOS and Android): This super smart App helps unsuspecting shoppers spot the numerous chemicals, additives, and preservatives hidden in many brand name foods. It gives specific information about each ingredient listed on the package, explains exactly what the ingredients are and how they can affect one’s health. With barcode scanner!

Buycott (Free, for iOS and Android): Have you ever wondered whether the money you spend ends up funding causes you oppose? One of the many campaigns on this app, “Buy Organic Brands that Support your Right to Know,” will tell you if a product is supporting one of the companies spending money to oppose GMO labeling. With barcode scanner!