Printed Materials

Ready to start spreading the word?

Here are some materials we’ve started putting together that you and your group can print out and use however you’d like!  Put them at local coffee shops, libraries, give them to friends, use them to wrap presents…  Just get them out there!

Half-page action flier (updated 6/22/16) to print and distribute at local coffee shops, meetings, events, etc. This file can be printed and posted as a poster or as a double-sided half-page handout.

2 page fact sheet on the GMO labeling bill (updated 6/10/16)

Petition to support GMO labeling in MA (please return signed copies by emailing

Peer-Reviewed Health Risks (excerpt/summary from earthopensource, 2012)

Facts and Fictions about GMOs and GMO Labeling (1 page info sheet)