Talking Points for Contacting Legislators

Contacting your elected officials

Your elected officials need to hear from you! Short of a personal visit (which we surely encourage!) a phone call is one of the most powerful ways to make your voice heard. When an office receives even a couple calls about a given topic, the staff really takes notice and relays it to the elected official.  Please take a moment to call your Representative and Senator and get them on board in support of your right to know what’s in your food!

We’ve put together this guide to help you contact your elected officials on Beacon Hill.  Thank you for taking action!

Who are your Senator and Represenative and where to do they stand on the issue?

You can find your representative’s contact info here. Just put in your address and click the names to get contact info for both your State Senator and Representative.

Look here to see if they already endorse GMO labeling. Even if they are already in support, they still need to hear from you! If not, remember to tell the rep that you’d really like to see them listed online as a supporter of GMO labeling.  (Even better,you can offer to send them the link!)

Goals of the call:

1. Declare your support for GMO labeling

2. Find out if they are in support

3. If they ARE, ask them to co-sponsor a new GMO labeling bill in January.


Making the call:

Remember: Always be polite and speak briefly, but don’t rush it. You’ll likely be talking to an aide who will take notes on the call and report to the legislator. 

1. Introduce yourself

Tell them your name and where you are registered to vote.

2. Tell them why GMO labeling is important to you

Don’t just list a talking point, tell them why this concerns you. Be specific about how this affects your life, (even if it’s your concern for pesticide birth defects in Argentina).

3. Ask them where the Representative/Senator stands on the issue

You can say something like “Has the [Representative/Senator] taken a stance in support for mandatory GMO labeling in Massachusetts?”

(If they’re not on board yet, or don’t know, you can give them some reasons why you think GMOs should be labeled.)

4. If they are supportive, ask them to take action to protect your Right to Know 

Tell them you’d really like to see them listed online as a supporter of GMO labeling. They can find the endorsement letter on the MA Right to Know GMOs website. BONUS: Even better,you can offer to send them the link!

5. Thank them/Encourage Them!

If they are in support, thank them for hearing the concerns of their constituents!  Either way, thank them for taking the time to talk with you. 

6.  THEN, Please fill out a call report form to let us know who you contacted and how the call went!

Thank YOU for taking an active role in our democratic process and for standing up for our Right to Know what’s in our food!  We can’t do this without your help.

Click here for more ways to take action.


For more details on the pending legislation, please visit: (click the “Legislation” tab)