Backroom deal on federal GMO labeling? Not so fast!

Update, 7/6/16, 5 PM:

puppets3Today the US Senate leadership voted to cut off debate on a GMO Labeling bill in an effort to jam through the industry backed proposal that is virtually unenforceable. S.764 is an industry wish list that excludes more foods than it might label and after a statutory delay, will likely make consumers play “hide and seek” to get the information they need.

Read the full statement of Tara Cook-Littman, Board President of Citizens for GMO Labeling, here.

We need to stop this new industry proposal. It is not a compromise, but a total cave to the special interests.

Just a few days before the historic Vermont GMO labeling law implements, Senators Roberts and Stabenow have introduced a new bill that is nothing more than an industry sponsored attempt to keep Americans in the DARK about what we are eating. This supposed compromise is no better and arguably even worse than what was voted down just a few months ago. Please take action today and ask your senators to stand with the American people by voting NO on the “DARKER Act”. Please dial 866-772-3843 and you will be connected with your senators.

We are seeing GMO labels across the country thanks to the Vermont law with no confusion or increased cost of food as the opposition suggested would happen. GMO labeling is already happening. Is Congress actually suggesting that the country’s largest food companies change their labels again? It is time for the industry to accept the fact that they lost this one.

Please call your senators today at 866-772-3843. We can not allow industry interests to trump our personal rights. We have stopped Monsanto and their allies before and we will do it again as long as we stand together and let our collective voices be heard.

Read the full statement from Citizens for GMO Labeling, here.

You can also read the full text of the bill, here.

And here is a good article to share from Huffington Post (Carry Gillam)

Please take action using the number provided by our friends at Food & Water Watch in their action alert, copied below:

This Is It: The Senate Will Vote to Ban GMO Food Labeling
Call 866-772-3843 and Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on Senator Roberts’ Bill!

Yesterday Senator Roberts (R-KS) and Senator Stabenow (D-MI) have announced a deal to bring Monsanto’s dream bill to the Senate floor. Your Senators will vote as soon as next week.

Call 866-772-3843 to tell your Senators to reject the “compromise” Roberts’ bill (S. 2609) and any bill that prevents mandatory GMO labeling.

The final bill is terrible. In an attempt to find “compromise,” the bill will preempt state laws that require on-package GMO labeling in exchange for a website url, a QR code, a symbol or a phone number on the package that will send consumers on a wild goose chase to figure out what GMOs might be in their food.

It’s critical that your Senators hear from you today. Calls are the fastest, most-effective way to get your message through to Congress.

  1. Call 866-772-3843 to be connected to one of your Senator’s offices. You will hear a short message from me, and then you will be transferred to one of your Senator’s D.C. offices.
  2. When a staffer answers, tell them your name, where you’re from, and say:
    I’m a constituent and I care about my right to know what’s in the food I eat. I want my Senator to vote NO on the “compromise” version of Senate Bill 2609 and any other legislation that results in anything less than mandatory on-package labeling for GMO foods.
  3. If you call again, you will automatically be routed to your second Senator. We expect thousands of people to call today, so if you have trouble getting through, please be persistent and keep trying.

Vermont’s GMO labeling law is going into effect next Friday, July 1, but this move in the Senate will overturn their democratically enacted law. According to a New York Times poll, 93% of Americans want genetically engineered (GMO) foods labeled, but big food companies like Monsanto, Pepsi, Coke, Dow and others that are part of the Grocery Manufacturers Association will stop at nothing to ban GMO labels.

This could be our last chance for real GMO labeling. Call your Senators at 866-772-3843 and tell them to reject any bill that takes away mandatory on-package GMO labeling that can be read in one quick glance.

The food industry is close to banning all labels on genetically engineered foods. A single phone call may not seem like much, but added to thousands of others, it can have a big impact — and the timing is critical, as your Senators will be voting on this legislation as soon as next week.

Please call 866-772-3843 and tell your Senators that you want GMO labels required on food — reject S. 2609!

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