The Massachusetts Coalition for GMO Labeling is a movement of more than 470 businesses, farms and organizations supporting mandatory GMO Labeling in Massachusetts. Lead members include Citizens for GMO Labeling, MA Right to Know GMOs, MASSPIRG, MoveOn.org, and the Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts Chapter.

About MA Right to Know GMOs:

MA_GMO_logo_with_islandsMassachusetts Right to Know GMOs is a statewide network of safe food advocates working to raise awareness about the health and environmental risks associated with genetically engineered foods (GMOs), and organizing support for laws requiring the labeling of genetically engineered seeds and food ingredients.

The network is facilitated by an organizing collective based in Western Massachusetts. The steering committee includes Ed Stockman, an organic farmer and biologist, Martin Dagoberto, a community organizer and biologist, Pat Fiero, a community organizer and former state representative, and Grant Ingle, an organizational psychologist and organic gardener. Their efforts are supported by members of the local Hilltown Non-GMO Working Group, and dozens of local leaders across the state. Since August 2012 the network has grown include over 300 businesses, farms, community groups and advocacy organizations across the Commonwealth.

Organizers with MA Right to Know GMOs help groups across the state to educate their communities and to take action in support of mandatory GMO labeling at the state and federal levels.

MA Right to Know GMOs is also part of a national network of grassroots initiatives collaborating to set the standard for the eventual passage of mandatory GMO labeling at the federal level.